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We are a polytheistic priesthood dedicated to The Morrígan.

We believe that everyone deserves to be accepted without exception, and we are committed to providing sanctuary and safe space to anyone who may need it. We have dedicated ourselves to guarding and protecting the sovereignty of all people, and to providing healing, solace, inspiration, and education to our community.

If you have any questions related to The Morrígan, or would like more information on our organization, please contact us at

Our Upcoming Events

We have big plans for the future!  Stay up to date with The Order's upcoming events, and learn how you can get involved. 


The Crow's Cave: October 29th Meeting 

Join us for this monthly gathering to study the myth, history, and lore of the Morrigan. Our focus for this group will be to learn how to combine the knowledge of historical context with our own personal experience of the Morrigan. This month we will begin our study with the Book of the Great Queen by Morpheus Ravenna. We are going to begin our study in Part II of the book, learning how to create devotional practice to honor Her in our lives today. The chapter we will be reading is Chapter 17: Warrior’s Initiation.



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Samhain Devotional Ritual

November 3rd, 2019

7pm - 9pm

Location: 6301 W Slaughter Ln, Austin TX 78749

Join us for our Samhain ritual as we honor, the ancestors, the warrior dead, and the Morrigan.

This event will be held at Circle C Metropolitan Park in Austin, TX. We will be meeting towards the back of the park.

If you are interested in carpooling with us from South Austin please PM us or send us an email to

Please feel free to bring an item to place on the altar and if you would like to also bring an offering. Make sure that your offerings are natural and biodegradable but also know that we won't be leaving anything at the site in order to preserve the energy of the land and the environment.

Please feel free to bring a snack to share so that we may feast together afterwards.

For more information and parking instructions, please click here.

Fall With The Fairies

September 4th - October 30th

Online Class Series

Hosted by: Land Sea Sky Travel

Tickets & Pricing available at Land Sea Sky Travel

Fairies, Other Crowd, The Gentry, The Good Folks. The subject of fairies in the Celtic cultures is a complex one. These semi-divine mysterious creatures are often seen in the lore walking alongside our Gods and ourselves, tempting us to their worlds and ways, but who are they? Join author Morgan Daimler on an eight-week course as we start to untangle the old lore and the native legends from Victorian fables to Pop Culture modern myths and misunderstandings.

Over this course, we wish to help you gain a solid grounding in the lore and legend of Fairy, with a good helping of academics too. We will also provide guidance on how to have safer interactions with them. Our course will be composed of lectures, lived experiences, hands-on experimental practices, making tools, and finally ending in a Samhain Storytelling party around the Aos Sidhe.

Included in the Course
This course consists of seven classes, plus a final Samhain Storytelling online party and wrap-up class. The classes run an hour and a half, with an additional half hour allowed for questions and discussion. The classes will be recorded, and you can view the class recordings the following day. Q&A sessions are not recorded for privacy reasons.

The classes are scheduled for 8 PM - 10 PM EST each Wednesday from September 4th to October 30th.

For more information about this event, including schedules, recordings, and bonus materials, please click here.



Austin Pagan Pride Day

November 16, 2019

10Am - 4pm CST

Hosted by: Austin Pagan Pride and The VORTEX

We foster pride in pagan identity in Central Texas by hosting a religious acceptance event and inviting the pagans and non-pagans in the city to be our guests while learning about paganism and dispelling any myths and cultural misconceptions about who we are. We make ourselves accessible for questions and understanding. It will be our pleasure to meet you, come join us!

$5 suggested cash donation for the Central Texas Food Bank.

Location: The Vortex
Nov 16th 2019 10am // 4pm
Family Friendly! All Are Welcome!

For more event details, please click here.



Celtic Sorcery Intensive Weekend

OctOber 11th – Oct 13th, 2019

Hosted by: Land Sea Sky Travel and Morpheus Ravenna - Banshee Arts

If you are interested in attending please read all of the following links to learn about our weekend.

Cost & Payment:
Morpheus Bio:
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The Celtic cultures of Ireland, Britain, and Gaul provide us with rich and ancient wells of magical lore: blessing and purification rites; protective charms and spells; fate-binding and fordestination; dire curses and battle sorceries. These many forms draw on the traditions of poetic incantation and the power of the Otherworld. This weekend intensive draws on folk tradition, archaeological study, early literature, and extensive personal experience, to explore these traditions of magic and sorcery in depth, while seeking insight through them into Celtic worldviews and cosmologies.

On day one, we will begin with an overview of the Celtic cultures to ground us in the magical and cosmological systems that provide structure for our work. We will lay the groundwork for safe magical practice with a session devoted to spiritual cleanliness and magical protection. We’ll learn to practice saining, smoke cleansing, and other methods of blessing and purification, and the fundamentals of warding and protecting both ourselves and our spaces. The day’s work will provide us with a charged warding tool we can begin using for protection as we delve into further sorceries in the next sessions.

On day two , we’ll deepen into the work with a session examining the ethics of magic. We’ll enter into one of the most ancient traditions in the Celtic world, the practice of chanted sorceries, with a session focusing on the use of poetry, chant, song, and trance in magic, with demonstrations in Gaulish and Old Irish. We will go on to explore how spirit work and spirit alliances can enliven and empower our work. We’ll cover the lore of druids calling forth Otherworldly spirits, the land and rivers to their aid, to tales of phantom armies and enspirited weapons. This will give us the tools to begin entering into spirit alliances ourselves and learn how to enshrine a spirit into an object to aid us in magical work.

On our final day , we will study the use of magical scripts and languages, including the use of Ogam sorcery in both tradition and lived practice. With a solid grounding now in the tools and ethics of the work, we’ll turn our attention to oaths, binding and cursing. We’ll cover the geis or ritual taboo and its connections to practices of fate-binding and oath magic, progressing into binding curses, wounding spells, curse tablets, and other forms of cursing. As part of this study, we will examine the history of cursing as a method of magical redress against oppression and injustice, and its use in justice work and activism. The session will culminate with a demonstration or group working for hands-on experience crafting a spell or curse tablet.

As a special add-on to this conference we will be bringing in local Witch and Author Sara Amis of A Word to the Witch to teach us how Celtic Sorcery informed the history of Southern American Magic & Charms.

For more information about this event, please click here.