We are a polytheistic priesthood dedicated to the Morrigan.

We believe that everyone deserves to be accepted without exception, and we are committed to providing sanctuary and safe space to anyone who may need it. We have dedicated ourselves to guarding and protecting the sovereignty of all people, and to providing healing, solace, inspiration, and education to our community.

Our site is currently under construction. If you have any questions related to the Morrigan, or would like more information on our organization, please contact us at

Our Upcoming Events

We have big plans for the future!  Stay up to date with The Order's upcoming events, and learn how you can get involved. 


The Crow's Cave: April 22nd Meeting 

Join us for this monthly gathering to study the myth, history, and lore of the Morrigan. Our focus for this group will be to learn how to combine the knowledge of historical context with our own personal experience of the Morrigan. This month we will begin our study with the Book of the Great Queen by Morpheus Ravenna. We are going to begin our study in Part II of the book, learning how to create devotional practice to honor Her in our lives today. The chapter we will be reading is Chapter 14, Oracles and Divination.



Beltaine Devotional Ritual - May 5th

Join us our devotional ritual to honor the Morrigan. This event will be held at the Monkey Tree in Zilker Park, in Austin, TX.



News & Opportunities!


Book of the Great Queen Class Series

Hosted by: Morpheus Ravenna - Banshee Arts

This is an ongoing online class series taught by Morpheus Ravenna, the author of the Book of the Great Queen.

Upcoming Dates: May 26

From Morpheus:
Since its publication in 2015, The Book of the Great Queen has been warmly received as a comprehensive and in-depth study of the Morrígan. As the author, I hear again and again from readers that it's become a textbook for their learning - and sometimes, that its length and scholarly depth may be a little intimidating.

So I'm starting this class series to teach the Book of the Great Queen. Class sessions will take one chapter at a time and will review, clarify, and distill the material from the chapter. I'll bring in additional contextual material from Irish and Celtic studies, as well as updates to scholarship where new information became available to me since publication. Classes will also provide opportunities for questions and discussion with the author and your fellow students about the chapter topics.

To keep things fun and mix it up a bit, I will be teaching the chapters in a different order from what's in the book. We'll alternate a bit between chapters from Part I and Part II so that we don't have to wait many months to get into the second part of the book that focuses on lived practices.

Details about this class series:

What is included:
--Online course delivery via Zoom videoconference for live participation
--Video sessions recorded for download access after class
--Additional articles and resources related to the chapter topic

--Class sessions will be once to twice monthly, 2 hour sessions
--Sunday class sessions starting at 11 am Pacific time (Check your local timezone here:

--Registration for class dates will be available 1-2 months in advance. Tentative schedule of class topics:

May 26 - Chapter 18: Funerary & Ancestral Rites

-- All dates are now open for registration at

--$25 per class session individually, or you can purchase the series in a package or by subscription.
--This class series is drop-in based - you can sign up for the chapter sessions that interest you or plan to take the whole series.
--Free scholarship places available - for every 10 paying students I will make a free scholarship place available.
--To request a free scholarship place, email subject line BOOK OF THE GREAT QUEEN CLASS and tell me your needs.

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Introduction to the Morrigan


Hosted by: The Irish Pagan School & Lora O’Brien - Irish Author

Permanent Class! Take it at your leisure!

You will get the unique perspective of a native Mórrígan Priestess who has studied Her lore directly, and lived right by the Mórrígan’s ‘fit abode’ for over a decade; guiding people – both physically and spiritually – on a daily basis, to seek the presence of the Great Queen.

In this class, we look at the big questions relating to this goddess:

- Who is She?

- When and where did Her stories take place?

- What does She do?

- Why might you work with Her?

- How can you approach Her, and begin that work?

The class includes 2 hours (and 9 minutes!) of Teaching Presentation, then a separate Guided Journey to connect to the Mórrígan directly – using Lora’s native Irish Otherworld Journeying method. This Class, and the Guided Journey, are suitable for beginners, as well as those with more experience in other traditions.

Please sign up here!


Wolves, Witches & Warbands: A Bealtaine Tour Of Western Ireland

April 29, 2019 - May 7, 2019

Hosted by: Land Sea Sky Travel &  Coru Cathubodua Priesthood

Wolves, Witches, and Warbands: An Otherworldly Bealtaine Pilgrimage Through Western Ireland

Hosted by Coru Cathubodua Priesthood and Land, Sea, Sky Travel 

Ireland was once called “Wolf Land”, for the wildness of its landscapes, its woods, caves, and glens teeming with packs of wolves called mac tíre, “son of the land”. The Fianna warrior bands prowled these landscapes too, between settled lands and wild, living on the land by hunting, raiding, and fighting. Warriors in Ireland have long been called wolves, and some have been known to practice shape-changing, putting on wolf-skins and stalking the landscape in the forms of mighty wolves, taking shelter in its dark caves and hunting by twilight. Here too at these borderlands, we find these caves and glens haunted by witches and fairy women who may bind and entrap with a weaving of enchanted cords, who may curse with a chanted spell, or who may heal with a wise potion. This is the untamed Ireland we seek to explore in this pilgrimage. 

Our ritual cycle for this pilgrimage is built around an Otherworld journey following the folk belief of a hidden pathway connecting the Cave of Cruachan at Rathcroghan with the Caves of Kesh Corran in the Bricklieve Mountains. This journey will take place centering around the liminal tide of Bealtaine, a time when witches are abroad, spirits walk, and cyclical battles are fought between the worlds of the Síd and of the living. Our pilgrimage ritual cycle will entail deep encounters with Otherworldly forces, meditations with the living landscape, a celebratory Bealtaine bonfire, and a ritual feast, along with free time, workshops and classes, and more. We will be working under the protection of the Morrígan and with Her forms of wolf, eel, heifer, and crow, and our devotional and spiritual work will also include: Badb, war goddess and Otherworldly hag; Queen Medb, ruler of Connacht and initiator of warriors; Finn and the Fianna warrior ancestors; Cormac and the wolf spirits of the caves, and the witch goddess Cailleach. 

This pilgrimage is offered jointly by the Coru Cathubodua Priesthood and Land Sea Sky Travel.

To Join, please read the following posts here



The Morrigan's Call Retreat 2019

June 7, 2019 - jun 9, 2019

Hosted by: Tuatha De Morrigan and Morrigu’s Daughtersoin us for the annual Morrigan's Call Retreat for a weekend of workshops, ritual and kinship in honor of the Morrigan June 7th- 9th 2019 at Camp CedarCrest in Orange CT.

The Morriagans Call is a weekend of devotional work, workshops, rituals, and kinship in honor of the Great Queen. We welcome men and women who feel called to work with the Morrigan and her many guises. Whether you have just heard her call or have worked with her for many years, join us to honor and deepen your connection to the Morrigan.

This years theme will be : Victory & Healing. Our workshops and rituals will focus on these core ideas. Even the best warrior must take time to hearl, to become whole and integrate the lessons they have learned before taking on the next challenge. The healing the Morrigan offers us can be difficult and require sacrifice, but healing the dark and broken parts of ourselves is a vital function of this deity. 

This year's headliners will include: Ivo Dominguez Jr., Morgan Daimler as well as other amazing speakers.

Our temple will again be indoors in one of the larger cabins. Each night there will be time set aside in the temple for those who wish to receive channeled messages. The temple will be open throughout the retreat for meditation, devotional work, and for offerings, and attended by our temple priests and priestesses. 

One hour during each day will be set aside for our Clans. Each clan will have a specific focus. This year's clans will each focus on one of the faces of the Morrigan: Anu, Macha, Badb. Each clan will have workshops and activities designed for their particular focus. 

For more information regarding this event, please click here.