Core Values


Sanctuary and Guardianship

We seek to provide and maintain safe space for anyone who needs it while also providing safe space to learn about The Morrígan and participate in events of devotion in Her honor.


Our intention is to cultivate insight while teaching and promoting academic study and accurate knowledge about The Morrígan and devotional polytheism.

Spiritual Path

We work to develop a deeper connection to our individual spiritual paths, our connection to The Morrígan as a priesthood, and our connection to our community by performing acts of service in Her honor.

Community Service and warriorship

We offer spiritual and healing services to the land and our community. We also seek to advocate for, provide support to, and promote the sovereignty of marginalized individuals, communities, and cultures through awareness and acts of activism.

The Morrigan by  Quadraro . Image used with artist permission.

The Morrigan by Quadraro. Image used with artist permission.