Izzy swanson

Izzy Swanson is a Certified Medical Reiki Master, Priestess, and Teacher. She has been practicing Earth-based spirituality for more than 20 years. She is devoted to the Morrigan and is a founding member of the Order of the Crows. Izzy is also the owner of Feileacan Ministry in Austin, Texas. As a healer, Izzy specializes in working with soul wounds caused by trauma and PTSD. Her intention is to help others find comfort within their own darkness and to help them feel safe enough to draw upon that darkness to heal themselves. She considers it her sacred task to guard and protect individuals while helping them work toward becoming whole again. She believes that this work is supported by her devotional practice to the Morrigan and has dedicated her work in offering to the Goddess. 

Haley sladek

Haley Sladek is a Certified Reiki Master, and a Priestess of the Morrigan. She is an adept channeler, and uses this ability to help guide others on the path they are on. She aims to help them see or hear any messages that come through for them while on that path.  As a founding member of the Order of the Crows, she functions as a direct channel to the Morrigan and helps guide the group on their path devoted to the Morrigan.